It Started Down Under

By dirk

3 Years!

Today it has been 3 years ago since my girl and I started our relationship. How quickly has the time gone by. And hopefully it won't be over anytime soon!

This morning we visited my grandmother to get the measurements for our carnaval costume right before we drove off to 's-Hertogenbosch (or Den Bosch). There we dropped our stuff in the hotel room that my parents bought us with Sinterklaas last year.

We went into the city for a historic walk, one of the first points was the fish market. This is a statue on the former fish harbor of Den Bosch. I love this shot because it shows two people in love with right behind it a store that is called 'lief' which means 'sweet'.

After our walk we did some minor shopping (sorry sweetie, we should have spent less time on the historic walk) before we went back to the hotel to refresh ourselves. This evening we went for dinner to 'het mussennest' in Ammerzoden. We had a wonderful dinner before going back to the hotel.

Unfortunately there was too much wind to let go of the wish-balloon that I bought my girl for this celebration. We did listen to the song I wrote for her.

She got me a couple of great presents including a glass with my name engraved in it and a useful supergrip thingy.

I will save you the details of how we spent the night; let's just state that we watched movies. It was a most wonderful day :D

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