By shutterbugsue

Yellow Rumped Warbler

I went hunting for the owl but he was on someone elses property and I could not get to him. I will go another day when he is where I can blip him legally.
I had about six blips and they were all worthy so I narrowed it down to two and I still don't know which one I should have chosen. If you want clarity and cute this is the one. Notice he has a little bubble of water on his head. I remembered someone had one with a snowflake. The snowflake was much prettier but I thought one single water bubble was unusual.
The Northern Parula was back but he just never stops moving even when sitting still. I don't think I have ever seen a bird so jittery.
Thank you to all that favorited my Owl and for all the wonderful comments.
I am trying to comment on all my subscribers but my neck is not obliging me.
I will do my best and I hope you understand.
Thank you for all of you taking time to comment on my blips.
Hope everyone has a good week!

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