Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Beside The Old Tree

The most beautiful morning of the year so far! I could have stayed here all day if only I'd brought a flask... and some sandwiches... and had no work to do!

The water was so still and clear, by the end of the session the tripod and I were in it.

No not in the heels, that would be silly!

Well no, not in the wellies either, I'd left them in the car.

Yes the walking boots DO let in water through the fabric bits.

But... I threw in a big stone to rest one foot on.

No, it didn't work, it wobbled.

Yes, I wobbled too!

No, I hadn't rolled my trouser legs up.

Yes, thank you, by mid afternoon they were dry.

It was only a couple of inches...

... and only one leg.

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