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toe socks

The three-day weekend is over; it was definitely a Monday today.
However, it was a good Monday.

In honor of starting a new boot camp class this evening, may I present to you one of my favorite pairs of socks--my toe socks! I am not sure how long the boot camp lasts, 2 or 4 weeks, but it is every weekday night at 6:15pm! It was a fun, but hard breathing workout. We started out running, then worked in lunges, mountain climber, high knees, jumping jacks, speed-skaters, fast feet, butt-kicks, back pedals, power skips, and more. Finished out the hour with 15 minutes of abs. I was sore and shaking by the end! But I loved it. Hopefully I'll enjoy tomorrow's class as well!

Learned a few more chords today. A, D, & G Major. My fingertips are beginning to get sore, but that means I am pushing the strings down hard enough. The best part is I still remember what I had previously learned, E minor and C Major, plus my A major scale. Getting a littler faster at the transition, but still quite slow.

Finished up a package that gets mailed out tomorrow!
Finally, sorry its late my dear friend!

Time for dinner and a shower!


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