Big Hill

By bighill

Sherlock and Zoe!

these 2 dogs are just the best of buddies.....they do this astonishing play fighting....and of course Terry and I totally encourage's just so entertaining! They chase each other, they grab at each other....and because Zoe is so much faster than Sherlock, it is hysterical to watch her outrun him....but he's smart....he usually goes in the opposite direction to catch her!!!

An easy going day today....finished glazing the rest of the work and loaded up the kiln....but not before i managed to do a nice slicing job on two of my's really not a good idea to run your fingers over a used kiln shelf and find out that there is some old piece of glaze (usually extremely sharp, like glass actually!) lurking on an unseen part of the i managed to wrap the 2 fingers up and stop the dripping blood from making too much of a mess on the studio floor....and thank god Terry was in. Trying to put bandages on fingers when 2 of them are dripping blood, by yourself, isn't easy!!! oh i'm just a bit too dramatic eh!!

after all that excitement, we headed to Sydney and managed to get all the items we had on the list! even spent a wee bit of time at Value Village and got 2 shirts and a t-shirt, $11!!!

and just to round of the day nicely....the kiln fired in 6.4 hours....oh i just love this new method!!!

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