The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


This was a quick blip taken yesterday when I was catching up after the previous day's excursions, to meet this week's 2011 Challenge - Spring. The plum blossom is from a tree I planted in the garden some years ago and blipped last April. Somewhere I have a record of what kind of plum tree it is but all I know is that it produces delicious plum-coloured plums.

I was going to blip the alternative below because I liked the bokeh, but after being on Flickr since yesterday this one has had 8 times as many views, so what do I know?


Lens: Sigma 70-300mm (Macro)

Backblip: Birmingham and Fazeley Canal (13.3.2011)

Spring (Pentax 18-55mm)

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