Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

New neighbours

The Centre for Aboriginal Student Services started moving in down the hall a few weeks ago (but I think they have not officially opened yet). We've been watching the construction of their new offices for months. First the cool circle of accent lighting, then the turtle totem was painted on the floor, then the wood door arch, the glass windows, and furniture. All in all a very nice reception area with offices at the back.

From YFILE: "York became the first Canadian postsecondary institution to officially sanction the use of a language other than English or French in graduate work, and [Alfred] Metallic the first PhD candidate at York to defend his thesis in an Aboriginal language - it was written and spoken in the Mi'gmaw language." Read more here.

Per our office's custom, we have invited them over for a pizza lunch on Friday as a welcome, same as we did when the Faculty of Graduate Studies moved in down the other end of the hallway. This photo is shot from the hallway through the partitioned glass and open door.

Yesterday's blip: I've got a ticket to ride and I don't care

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