All that is beautiful

By sharob

My baby bro, again!

Following on from last Tuesdays graduation picture, here he is, on BBC Oxford evening news - 5th from the right of the screen. Marching in parade for Freedom of Aylesbury.

My baby brother is in the news. Watching the footage just made me feel so proud all over again.

Other news, I had to take the girls to nursery as the Tempest photographer was in taking portraits of the children. Clara missed the last round of photos as she had conjunctivitis. Photos went pretty well, but in hindsight, I should have made Storm nap as she wasn't a very cooperative poser. But the photos we did get are sweet. I just cannot believe how much they can charge for picture packs. I have 2 children so obviously I'll want a picture of each of them and then one of then together, we'll want a picture and then the grandparents will each want a large picture, then there's the aunts and uncles who want pictures too, by then I'd easily have spent £90!!! They have this option where we can choose up to 3 images to be put onto a USB stick for £38, which then gives me the rights to reprint as often as I like. So .. That'll be a blip when I get it through :)

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