By ArcLight

Glencorse Reservoir

Along with a substantial proportion of the middle-aged burghers of Edinburgh, we headed to the Pentlands today, specifically to Flotterstone and Glencorse Reservoir, which we had not previously visited. A gentle stroll - respecting my knees - to, along and back above the reservoir yielded a nice store of possible blips. It was a day to savour.

We have a young visitor arriving from the US tomorrow. He is thinking of studying at Edinburgh University. It has to be said that if the weather stays like this for the next few days, he may well be convinced this is a good idea. Anyway, it reminds me that we need to do a bit of housework between now and then.

But before that there are three consecutive rugby matches to savour, along with the news that - despite losing to Ireland and Bangladesh - England have managed to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Cricket World Cup.

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