secret garden

By freespiral

.... it's wrong to wish on space hardware!!

Predictably crazy night last night. We headed off to Sheila's for a pot luck supper - 10 of us squeezed into her tiny but very beautiful little kitchen. Sheila was preparing scallops - I have never smelt anything quite so horrible - sorry Sheila! Then we were to head off to a pub quiz which was scheduled to start at 9pm. Around 8.50 the English amongst us were getting twitchy - we would be late!!! The Irish were very relaxed and unperturbed!! We eventually arrived at the pub at 9.30 - the Irish were spot on, nothing happening. In fact nothing happened quizwise for another half hour, plenty happening elsewhere! The pub was packed, the television was on and everyone was pretty well oiled. We did terribly. Sample questions - which year did Cork win the hurling? What was the final score when Cork won the football? Who are on the panel for American idol? What's the Irish for daffodil? Who's the new minister for justice?? And wasn't Andy Warhol officially Czech rather than American? Still, I won two bottles of wine in the raffle!

Today is himself's birthday. He can't believe how old he is (note to himself, it's true, you said so yourself!!) but actually he looks pretty good on it!! (note to himself - that's a compliment!!) This is how we spent the morning! The forecast was bad so we headed off early and walked across the width of the peninsula. A wild and remote spot, involving a bit of scrambling here and there. it was cold, windy and drizzling. We got very wet. It's now lashing, the fire is lit and soup is made. We are not going anywhere!

And in honour of himself's birthday, a spot of Billy Bragg - apparently the perfect combination of lyrics and tune. I won't argue with that :)

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