Manic MorFF's Pics

By manicmorff

Check it out

This is the end product of my first venture into 'proper' pictures, ie. for a purpose other than my own pleasure.

Those of you following my journal may have seen this shot a few weeks ago.

It was done as a part of a photo-shoot (ooh, get me!) I did for the lass of a few dishes made by Tony Singh at Oloroso in Edinburgh.

Three of my shots are featuring in the pictured booklet, along with the recipes to make the dishes. The booklet will be an insert in Sainsbury's Magazine and The Observer Food Magazine, which has a joint circulation in excess of 700,000. They'll be out in a couple of weeks.

They're going to feature on a few food related websites too.

I must admit, I think that's pretty cool.
Which fits in with the WBC theme this week of 'Cool'.

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