creative lenna

By creativelenna

sailing the wee lassie

My husband Steven, climbing into the wee lassie canoe he bought unfinished, and then proceeded to finish, including converting it into a sailing canoe. Yes, it is small - it's a good thing he's skinny. I refer to it as his "toy boat". I blipped about this earlier on February 15th when he took it out for the first time.

Today Steven started his journey a few minutes from our home. I drove him to the boat launch with the canoe on top of the car. There's a little beach just right for canoe launching there. He rigged it for sailing on the beach and off he went . . . it's just so tiny!! Steven said it handled boat wake from much larger boats very well.

It was about 8 miles to his destination: Dave Lucas Boatworks! Steven said he sailed about 50% of the trip and paddled the rest, going from the Manatee River to the Braden River. Along the way, a friend of Dave Lucas' spotted Steven sailing and called Dave to let him know that crazy guy with the tiny schooner was heading his way! 3 hrs from when I dropped him off I got a call, to drive on over and pick him and the wee lassie up. It was fun for all!

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