By BernardYoung

3 Words

Have you heard about the man
who can only say the same three words?

It gets him into loads of trouble.

He says them in the supermarket
to the girl at the checkout.

He says them to other customers.

He says them at Parent's Evening
when he meets the Head.

He says them to the big bloke with tattoos
standing next to him in the pub.

He says them to the Traffic Warden
and to the Lollipop Lady.

He says them to the policeman
they send to arrest him.

What he says frightens some people.

It's not something you say
to strangers.

It's not always something you say
to those close to you.

So be careful if you see him
in the street. If you say hello
he might say those words to you.

And then what will you do?

Get Ready For Love

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