Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Spring arrives at last

A pretty dawn ushers in the vernal equinox which means Spring! It may be the official change of seasons but Mother Nature has some colder temperatures returning on Tuesday and for much of the week. Near zero Celsius. Still, the snow is all but gone and the migratory birds are coming back. Robins, red-wing blackbirds, Canada geese, and swans (tundra and trumpeter) have shown up or flown over last week. The groundhogs should be popping out of their holes any time now. A black squirrel joined me in watching the sunrise. It was on the thick branch at upper-right and was busy grooming. Every now and then its head would pop up or a hind leg would stick out. The songbirds are singing their happy tunes, now. Very nice to hear.

Yesterday's blip: Colossal UFO in Woodbridge

Back-blips added today:
Turtle at Secord Pond
My buddy, Snort
Grim Business
Touch my pancake and I use this fork

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