By niels

Chimney demolition day!

Sunday morning; 06:00 o'clock; time to get up for a nice blast.
Today the 95m. tall chimney of the old Suikerunie sugar factory was demolished.

Without actually planning it, we made a blip meet of this event: Suikerunie Chimney Demolition Blipmeet (SCDB).
Fellow blippers who got out of bed very early as well:

Around 8.15 an alarm sounded and people started a count down from 10 to 1 and then .... *click* ... nothing happened...
Some kind of broken wire or so! A loud laugh went through the crowd.

About 20 minutes later everything was prepared and the blast went on. And a blast it was!

Shot a series of pictures out of which I selected 9 for today's blip. Then we all started moving, trying to avoid the dusty cloud. Hiding was not an option though. Just took a shower at home :)
To finish the blipmeet we had a cup of coffee at the local McDonalds.

A detailed series of photos is available from my blog.

Some more material is available through several websites including RTV Noord.

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