Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

All a bit of a blur

Worked out well being first on the operations list for the day. All got a bit flappy with morning change over and miscommunication, such that they were ready to take me before I had been got ready to go. No gowns on ward so porter had to bring one from theatre and wait for me to get it on. Anaesthetic felt like drowning just for a moment and then next thing someone was talking to me asking me if I wanted more morphine... oh go on then! couldn't focus on the wall clock even with one eye closed, it kept moving. She said I didn't need to know the time, I said nevertheless I'd prefer the clock to stop moving. I think it said 12. Missed lunch again! Pete and Jenny brought bananas at 3pm and more clothes. Jenny's mum died in the night. She didn't want to say. What a lot of family trouble all in one go. Moved to new ward not so good, rubbish location, near entrance, sink and bin, so lot of traffic and noise, no view! Right next to toilet which has pluses and minuses - less distance to go but hear everyone else. Finally got out of gown and had an assisted wash at about 6:30pm when second visitors came. Rubbish sleep because of noise.

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