Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Free Massage

Today we went up to Edinburgh to collect #2 Daughter. She's down for a couple of days while we sort out some things still here since the girls left home.

Two cute things to cuddle, a visiting ferret, one belonging to an ex-flat mate, and, of course, Milo the resident Royal Python. Milo is about 32" long now and getting quite muscular. As she glides over you, you can really feel the tension of her grip. She wound herself around my neck giving me a wonderful massage.

Soothing and scary at the same time!

Then she stopped. Nothing was happening. What was she doing, I couldn't see? I was told she was revelling in the warmth of my neck! I didn't want to disturb her by laughing. I groped around for my camera and took a few shots just so that I could see her.

I didn't end up with any other photos for the day, so here we end up with Milo and as little of me as possible!

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