By wingpig

Water soak wood. Air snap wood. Wood fall on earth

Whilst I have nothing but the greatest respect for water I wish it would stop ganging up with the wind and knackering perfectly nice trees every time they get together in a bit of a low pressure system and start showing off.
Wind and rain can essentially do what the hell they like but wood is stuck in the earth it's not only vulnerable to elemental bullying but also attack by humans, termites and construction workers. All the poor trees want to do is stand around looking cool in a dignified manner whilst providing accommodation for primates, squirrels and the better sorts of bird. Maybe the water and wind feel cheated because trees sometimes use them to carry their seeds and pollen around if they can't find an organism to do the job.

Just out of shot to the right four hours later was a really nice standing wave which reached a height about a foot above the path but which was unfortunately in a badly-lit section of the river. The tree blocking the path to people who don't like getting muddy feet has been removed but the water now covers the bit underneath the footbridge in Dean to an height of several inches. Still, any excuse to clamber up the side of a bridge...

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