Sugar Magnolia

By cew


I took a course the other night to learn to use Ravelry better. There is so much to it it really is THE site for knitters. So I spent some time this morning getting together a few of my projects that I've knitted over the last while, taking them outside into the nice bright sunny day, and taking pictures of them to put on Ravelry....and on flickr too (one of my sets is for knitting).
Well then I spent too much time organizing images on PSE and moving things here there and everywhere....
Tonight for supper I decided to take a pic of my food....I don't know why....its a crappy white bun and horrid iceberg lettuce....but anyway...I picked up my camera....noticed I still had all those pics I took I do.....took the pic of the STUPID hamburg.....
now it's a couple of hours later...I want to put my blip on.....oh what shall I of my pretty scarves or hats in the trees from this morning perhaps???.....well NO.....I never put them on the STUPID computer!!!!
and then I ERASED them for this STUPID hamburger pic!!!

aaaaaaaahhhhh well.....tomorrow's another day........

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