By karenjulia


If you are a cat owner you will know they love little routines and games. This is a new one since we moved. There is a plant in the garden which is like a long grass with a tufted end - a sedge. Maggie goes and sits by it and chirps (she has some oriental in her and makes some very weird noises). This is my signal to break one of the stems and run up and down the lawn and around in circles trailing it behind me. She tears around after me trying to grab the end.

Eventually the tuft comes off and we collapse onto the lawn. After a rest she goes back to the plant, chirps and off we go again. Good as a gym work out!

You will notice the length of the lush grass - in Christchurch we are still prohibited from watering our gardens (the quake has left us water-poor) so we are leaving it long to stop it from burning (well that's our excuse anyway!)

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