Five things

By fivethings

Thank you Timothy McSweeney

1. Up at the crack of twelve and straight out for a forty minute run. It's not long til the race and I pushed myself just a little bit extra today.

2. The holiday continues with the papers and a lunch of omelette wrapped in tortilla. To give it extra holiday points its then wrapped in tinfoil. It's a tasty, tasty hand held treat.

3. As the DIY gets under way I retire to the couch and finish this book you see here. I loved every second of it and it has inspired me to think, think about change, think about design and drawing and lots of things that I like. It's just about the coolest thing I've come across in a good long while.

4. A new set of sweary words to add to my collection, but after a while there's also a new and impressive set of shelves to admire.

5. Another great meal followed by some gloomy Polish tv which I am assured is lyrical and poetic. One man's gloom is another man's poetry though.

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