By dingledodie

The saying goes....

We took a public bus from the middle of Athens down the coast - a two hour ride - to visit Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. i actually just now looked up where it was we had gone - oli phoned his mom and said athens sucked, and she said we should go to sounion.

during the two hour ride we listened to Oli's ipod and tried to sing quietly so as not to disturb the other travelers. There were only about 10, but still. it was a lovely ride i must say - just the coastline and getting out of the city. it felt like a real trip, and all for 5.40 euro one way.

there is a saying that if you see the sunset at sounion, you will find your true love. i didn't know that either until babsi told me so after i returned from athens. well, turns out the sunset is famous as being one of the most beautiful ones in the world. that i cannot say, but it was incredibly pink and we ooohed and ahhhhed and even did a little yelping we were so excited at the colors.

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