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walking out of class this morning, long after most people had left, (I am one of two remaining members of the recording crew--a group of students in charge of recording and posting the lectures for additional listening pleasure; we usually stay after class to post the lecture immediately) I saw this sad, depressed, helium-deficient balloon just hanging around about eye-level. It was so out of place. A lost little ballon. No one else really seemed to see it. I actually looked at the balloon, and then turned around to look and see if anyone else was there seeing it as well (you know what I mean). I too felt a little lost this morning.

I snapped several photos; one I really liked with the balloon just hanging in the open atrium was blurry. So, we have the one where I crouched underneath it to capture the ceiling high above.

Checked off for today: morning yoga, some self study, & blip.

Heading off to bootcamp. Week 2, watchout!


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