All that is beautiful

By sharob

Sometimes ..

All it needs, is a Mummys touch.

Clara was quiet this morning, refused breakfast and fell to sleep in the car on the way to nursery. I had an email from nursery at around 10:20 saying that Claras temperature was 38.2 and that all she had done this morning was sleep. She didn't want to play or draw, just sleep. She had a cup of water and a biscuit and that's been it. We live quite far from work so am just relaxing at Mums with a duvet and Cbeebies. My poor baby, she's just staring into space and not saying very much. Completely the opposite to the usually alert, 50MPH motormouth! She's just fallen to sleep on the settee next to me ... Poor baby, I don't want to get up to make lunch, just want to cuddle her all day x x

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