tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Sunny inland with fog patches on the coast

The weather is never predictable this close to the sea. The day started misty but turned to bright sunshine mid-morning. As usual I felt a yen to go walking but resisted as I had chores to do, cleaning out the hen house being top of the list.

Then in late afternoon the mist started creeping in. Casey was getting restive so I relented and strode off for the 40 minute legstretch we call 'the circuit', a loop around the nearest patch of coast that satisfies most of a dog's needs.

Suddenly the weather effects had me gasping! The lowering sun was shining through thick mist rising and rolling off the sea. As I approached the coast the white cloud billowed inland illuminated by golden light. The entire bowl of Fishguard Bay was filled with mist sitting low on the water while fingers of fog crept up the valleys and across the fields. Cows and trees and houses turned ghostly while the higher land glowed copper in the sunset. The whole effect was extraordinary and constantly changing.

I took a series of photographs and have been completely helpless in deciding which to blip. In the end it was more or less a random choice. Here, the sea is on the right and mist is starting to engulf Carn Fran, one of several small hills that overlook the bay. It's as if a battle is being played out between the dying sun and the swelling cloud for possession of the land. Night will be the victor very soon.

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