This is Ciara Devoy, a student in DIT who is on placement with Tullamore Hospital.
I met her for the first time about this time last year, determined to come to Malawi for two months. I had my reservations about two months and asked her to get a ticket with the possibility for change in case she wanted to come home early.
She was so wonderful with everyone in Malawi, legendary really, that she wanted to extend her stay in the end.
I suppose I would call her a true Welly in that she is so fully supportive of the Wells for Zoe cause: one of us.
Yesterday she decided to do a bake in. She baked, sold the goodies, collected 460 Euro, drove for one and a half hours and delivered the money earlier this evening. She now has to drive back again and we are praying that she will get back safely.
Is that dedication or what?
She is planning to return to Malawi this summer again to volunteer for two months.
What an amazing young lady!.
We love her and so do all her many Malawian friends.

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