Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Spring training

Finally a halfway decent day for a row! As we are rowing through the "cut" under the bridge, we hear a familiar cry from ahead of us "you in the double, look out for our racing boats who will be following you!" It's the University of Washington and what this coach with the megaphone means is " move out of the way because our boats might run you over and we take priority over all this water!" OK, we're used to it, and yes, those 18-21 year olds could definitely run us over! So we moved over and I got out the iphone to see about a picture (I bring the phone with me just once in a while - once we rowed by a single perfect red rose floating in the water and I wished I'd had a camera.) Two "fours" of UW girls (H and I did not have a tank top on today!) and one launch of coaches. I thought the clouds looked pretty good for this camera.

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