secret garden

By freespiral

Waiting for Kelli

Another fabulous day - up to 15 C by the afternoon and blazing sunshine. The glass ladies were in school for their final session. The results of our endeavours are going to be fantastic - 4 fused glass wall lights, a large glass panel made up of lots of different pieces, and everyone has done two individual pieces as well. Today we teachers were allowed to play too and did our own madly artistic panel - very relaxing and pleasant.

Hair done in the afternoon - far too nice to be sweltering in a hairdressers and now it's short and rather strawberry blond! Oh well.

Kelli is on her way back, with dude friend!! I'm whisking himself away for a weekend in Kilkenny as his birthday excitement. It doesn't get more exciting than than that now does it!! We've never been and Kilkenny ticks all the boxes- historic, arty, foody, not too far away and apparently it has the most pubs in one street in Europe. Should do nicely. Anyway Kelli is house and cat sitting. I went in to pick them up from the bus, just missing the phonecall to say they hadn't left yet. Not time wasted as it was a good opportunity to take a few sunset shots though. A big bold sun shimmering over the quay. Himself has not trekked in.

We're heading off tomorrow lunchtime and will be returning on Sunday, so off the radar till then. Catch up later :)

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