2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Simple Celandine

Another work deadline day today so very busy. It was such a lovely day, I couldn't resist a quick dash outside. The sun was really warm and there were lots of bees, a few butterflies and lots of other insects buzzing around. The birds were really noisy too.

I didn't have much chance to stay and play with any shots today. These bright yellow celandines caught my eye. They really shone out with the sun on them. Apparently celandines used to be called 'the spring messenger'.

I got some very strange looks from a dog walker as I was trying to take a close up of a spider lurking in a nettle bed. I gave up before she thought I was completely odd. One of the lunchtime dog-walking ladies now talks to me and asks about my blip progress - she's offered me the use of her dog if I ever get desperate!

(Found out today that work want to web cast the talk (not written yet!) that I'll be giving at our conference in April. Agh!)

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