Every cloud has one

And today it felt like this one came up trumps.

After spending a week calling and emailing back and forward and chasing up bits of paperwork over a potentially HUGE garage bill after my car churned up all its insides last Tuesday, it turns out Toyota are going to bite the bullet and do all the repairs under warranty. Phew.

That's despite the car approaching it's seventh birthday in September too.

It turned out that Toyota had been aware of a potential problem with this engine a few years back but, probably because of all the bad press they'd had with various other recalls on their vehicles, this one was never highlighted to the customers. Naughty. What they did do though was to quietly extend their 3 year and 60,000 mile warranty to 7 years and 120,000 miles. Naughty, naughty.

Anyway, parts are ordered and the car should be back in around a week or so. Looks like I might not have to put that camera upgrade on hold after all.

Talking of cars, twenty one years ago today we were keeping our fingers crossed that our hideous white Austin Maestro with brown velour interior was up to the task of taking us on a whistle stop tour of the Highlands on our honeymoon without breaking down. It did the job, but to be fair, it never aged anywhere near as well as the bride from that same day in 1990. That gorgeous lady's still going from strength to strength and I'm 100% sure I wouldn't trade her in for any motor anytime soon ever. X

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