As my mood grabs me...

By AlisonM


Not a bad day today - first I went off into town for a potter around the charity shops and buying a few bits for a bag I'm about to start making.

An early lunch was followed by a few hours in the garden demolishing an overgrown shrub bit by bit. My brown bin did get emptied on Friday - yay - but is now full again and I have four big green bags in the garage full of plant debris. Still, the shrub is almost gone - just a few thick stems to saw through tomorrow and I'll be left with a clear space to fill.

The only pics taken today were inspired by THIS page - scroll down to image 15 and you'll see what I mean :)

Why did I decide to get dressed up and do this? Who knows? Who cares? it's just plain silly which is good enough for me.......

Not the most flattering angle but I liked the one eye showing.....

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