All that is beautiful

By sharob

My hot date ...

Ironing and LOST.

I actually don't mind ironing, it's pretty relaxing and I feel a great sense of achievement / organisation when all this mess is sorted into lovely individual piles ready to put away!

And I'll watch at least 3 or 4 episodes of LOST. Not bad!

Did the Next mid season sale this morning, grabbed a few bargains - isn't it atrocious that they can charge so much then reduce it by half or more? Full price cost of clothes today, before reductions ... £360. Chopped in half .. And I even got a few bits for myself too. I don't usually spend money like this - well, I haven't yet, it's on the card, but I budget for this and actually enjoyed buying the girls some new bits.

Clara has been a monkey today, almost impossible. She refused to tidy her room so we took all her new toys out of it. Did that bother her? Not one bit!

On a positive note, Storm can kiss!! It's so so cute! :)

Right, back to my hot date ...

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