One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Cheap thrills for gullible kids part 17

While Mrs Raheny was getting some well-deserved "her" time in Kilkenny, the kids and I just about survived on pot noodles, chocolate croissants, pajamas till three in the afternoon and a quick trip to the beach with no seat belts on.

Since I'm trying to put the car through the NCT tomorrow (we sort of failed it back in July 2010), it got its bi-annual wash (by bi-annual I mean once every two years, not twice a year, so that we are clear).
I was determined to get the most out of my EUR7 and I really hyped this up for the kids, in my best Beyblades-Metal-Fusion-advertisement-on-Nikelodeon voice.
I promised them bubbles, and gushing water, and sensational brush action, and mighty vibrations when the hubcaps get a good seeing to, and a mother of all blowers to chase the last remaining droplets away.
The car wash did deliver. They loved it.

If you too are looking for cheap thrills for gullible kids, these have been tried and tested

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