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Leaping lizards. Actually, this little guy was quite a still subject. Found him at the Botanical Gardens.

Saturdays are wonderful. Especially when spent with loved ones. B and I had a relaxing morning. I did a bit of work for a group project, while B called family and checked-in. Then we were off for a few errands: post office (the old dilapidated one down on Lancaster--photos of that place will grace blip someday I am sure), the bike shop to pick up a tool, Avoca for an iced coffee and a spot of H20 for B and me respectively. With a bit of time to spare before our tcomrade family outing, we headed to the duck pond to walk around. Best part: the fuzzy baby ducks!

Family outing: the zoo, the botanical gardens and fred's for a beer and burger afterwards.

The zoo was entirely too packed to even stop the car. We drove in, turned around, and drove out. Botanical gardens was crowded as well, but we found parking quickly and with all the garden's space we figured we would notice the hoards of other folks mulling about. Took some photos, saw some amazing flowers, enjoyed walking around in the warm sun and was stunned by the unique beauty around us and at the orchid sale. Fred's was packed per usual. Fred's is a small, say 500 sqft restaurant with a patio. It is always busy, with slow, but good service and burger's worth the wait. We were there for about 2 hrs. Family day continued with a movie: Fall. Beautifully shot, interesting story. Not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.

Sunday will be more of a working day, but I was thankful to have Saturday to freely enjoy with friends.


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