Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Sunset Behind the Mountains

Common Garden Katydid ( Caedicia simplex ) Nymph
Garden in Kingston, Tasmania.
Not sure what instar this is, or even if my identification is correct since I saw no coloured markings on the back of the abdomen.
I spotted this whilst doing some weeding this afternoon and took just 2 shots of it before the camera demanded a change of battery pack. Fortunately, the cricket wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere and was still available for further posing. This, the 7th shot is the best with as much as possible of the flower in focus as well as the nymph.

Sorry there are are no pretty birds to show today -
it was either this, or a sunset.

Oh To heck with it.
Have the sunset anyway
The mountains west of Mount Wellington - as seen from in front of where we are staying in Tasmania.

The mountains are called 'The Sleeping Beauty' because from some angles (and with a little imagination) it looks like a sleeping woman.

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