a town called E.

By Eej

TS 4

This series of old toys I moved across the ocean is almost done, I'm expecting to do a 5th, but that's it. Funny, that last week's doll made people uneasy, as I know some dolls I wouldn't want to meet late at night in a dark alley, but I never considered my Lissy anything but sweet.

Today is Eenoog's turn. He's featured in a Blip before but not 'en face' and he should as he is my oldest and dearest.
My mam got him from a small supermarket in the small town (then) neighbouring the small town I grew up in. He was the last of the bunch and missing an eye (hence his name: "eenoog" means one eye) so he was cheaper, and my mam found him an eye and operated on him so he could see straight. The name stuck though.

During these sessions I've realised the strength of comfort and safety in old cuddly toys. It doesn't take more than a blink for me to relax and release while holding any of these. So, while I may look vulnerable (or crazy, if you don't like this series ;)), I'm actually feeling really good. Cuddles FTW! Also, while I don't have children, I now understand the utter panic that ensues if a child loses their favourite and why parents go through such lengths to get them back.

Speaking of feeling really good: yesterday's Blip was posted late last night. If you haven't seen it and feel inclined, please do. It's a rare one as I was really proud of it :)

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