Short of sleep

200 blips

Only the thought that it was my 200 blipday today, and that I needed to try and sort some sort of appropriate image out, got me out of bed. I'm suffering seriously disturbed sleep patterns. While getting to sleep is not a problem, I was then wide awake in the middle of the night for hours and only finally dead to the world again at 6am. It's not conducive to a happy life.

Anyway, enough of such depressing matters. Yesterday was a tricky day, but it ended well with a knotty problem at work which had been bothering me for a while duly sorted out. I have fewer meetings than normal for the rest of the week, and thus a fair amount of time to spend some quality time with the keyboard. And for once I don't have to travel anywhere.

And I managed 200 consecutive blips. With the Streak. Some decent pictures, some curious images, and some real fails. People keep telling me that I will get seriously addicted and have to start taking pictures with a proper camera, but I point out that using the Streak is precisely the point. Yes, I'm at home today and could have borrowed one of his camerasto make a better fist of this. But that would have been cheating, and we can't have that, can we?

Oh and thanks to the people who have commented (or "liked" my photos on facebook when they go on RSS feed). That makes it often all worthwhile. Blip is a very good community and lots of fun to be in.

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