Colin's Various Sights

By coflynn


Having just left the Colosseum, I was somewhat downtrodden because it was packed with tourists and raining. But what happened next easily made the cost of the Colosseum ticket worthwhile. For around the Colosseum are people dressed as Romans, they are trying to make a few Euro to get your photo with a 'real roman'. One Asian man was taking such photos, but this went far beyond a quick holiday snap; this man was shooting with such determination I'd never seen before. He would instruct the soldier exactly where to hold the sword, all the while chain-smoking and slinging a second D-SLR. When he finally finished, mostly because the model got sick of him, he grabbed his third camera on tripod and ran off. And I do mean 'run' in the most literal sense too, adding a great finale to the entire scene.

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