Bitter River

By shaun22

Shine a Light

by Wolf Parade

Yesterday I was asked to participate in:
To Write Love on Her Arms
(even though I'm not a 'her').
It sounded like a simple enough thing to do.
Besides, nobody is happy all the time
(not trying to make light of those with actual chronic depression),
so I figured why not?
It saves me the trouble of thinking of what to blip...
I've never personally been hit too hard by depression,
but I see its effects everywhere around me.
Countless scars, weight loss, weight gain, pills,
people crippled to their bed for no apparent reason...
I've been in long term relationships with people suffering from it.
Just a few days ago at this school,
a student was threatening to kill himself in the student center.
Just last night i had a long conversation with someone
very close to me because she was having a rough time.
It really is everywhere.

The pic is simple enough,
but it was my first time trying to do something like this in PS.
It took me a while to figure out how to make the 'love' layer..
I'm pretty happy with the result.
Original- but 50% side lengths, so PB would take it.

*a year ago today*
A quick pic in the middle of an empty Court St-
which I thought was an unusual site-
until I stayed here for winter break.

no more 'love'- mods had me change it.
theres a link to the original blip in the comments!

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