Steph's window on life...

By SJordan


Whoops! 11.46pm and I haven't blipped...

Sitting in bed, doing uni readings = emergence blip time!

Today's been really quite busy, I had class to 12, then went shopping with Mum, came home, took Mum to work, answered a few e-mails, picked my brother up from school, waiting for Lyla coming, chatted to her til her Mum came, picked up Luke, went to work, 5 hours in work, dropped Luke home, got home, did my written work, did my reading, oh crap! 11.46, no blip... So here we are, and here's my blip... Sorry it's not very interesting...


P.S. Loved the response to yesterday's blip, all your comments gave me a smile on my lazy day.

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