Ralph Cooper

By ralphcooper

Old Mill

An old mill on the bank of the River Leven which flows from Windermere lake to the sea.

There were hundreds, if not thousands, of mills throughout the Lake District, utilising the readily available water for power.

The mills ranged from bobbins, spades and other iron ware, through to gunpowder.

I'm not sure what was produced here, but my guess would be a corn mill as those mills needed a couple of floors for gravity to assist the processing.

Wood turning and iron working mills seem to be on one and occasionally two floors.

Most mills stopped production by the early 20th Century though one or two survived a little longer.

Stott Park Bobbin Mill, about 2 miles from here, worked until 1971 and is well worth a visit.

(I think I feel some blips coming on!)

This mill has been converted to flats/apartments.

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