I introduced you to Eddy and Hans Erik in August. I was touched by their friendship.

Today I saw Eddy again and I wanted to say hello. He was happy to see me and was in a good mood. He told me that now he uses all the money her earns by selling the magazine to buy clothes. The blue vest he bought today and the sweater is quite new too. He laughted and pointed at his shoes. A man that can walk in purple shoe, is a brave man and know about fashion:-)) He wants to look like Eddy, and not just like a =Oslo seller.

Hans Erik is doing ok, but have some ups and downs. He has been at the hospital for his bad leg, and have less pain.

I asked about their friendship, and Eddy gave me the biggest smile ever. They had been dining at a restaurant yesterday.

A special thanks to Fantasy Land for remembering my birthday today and that tasty cake blip!! I adore you, Maryam :-)

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