Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Attempting to walk on water?

Canada goose having a great big flap to reorganize wings after a splashing session.

The geese have returned to the river - they seemed to disappear after the earthquake but have reappeared in the last week. They seem to spend a lot of time "bathing" although not sure what good it's doing in the polluted water, preening and flapping.

They are feeding on the weed too, which can't be good for them as the river as well as being polluted with sewage is also full of silt. Hopefully as the silt clears and the sewage system gets sorted out the water will clear again. We need a good lot of rain to flush it (although of course that then adds to the beach and estuary pollution.) It's a long problem!

But it is good to see the bird life returning - another little bit of "normal".

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