By mollyblobs

Bridge to the sun

Blipping early tonight, as we're off to a Ceilidh, to celebrate a friends 30th wedding anniversary and their son's 21st birthday. I hadn't intended to post another sunrise, but when I awoke at 6.15 the sky was such a gorgeous pink I felt I had to go down to the river. Most of the pink had faded by the time I arrived (having nearly run over a pair of mating magpies), to be replaced by a glorious, but very short-lived golden dawn. There was no mist this morning because it was so warm (11C ) - I was too hot in my flece!

Since then I don't seem to have stopped. I've:

been into town to find something to wear this evening (amazingly I bought three shirts and they all fitted!);

made a lemon roulade to take with us, which came out looking just like Delia's!;

made spicy sweet poatato soup for lunch;

arrranged to have our roof and gutter repaired,

mowed the lawn and trimmed some shrubs;

tidied the patio;

and made a pizza for Ben's tea, as he's decided not to come with us.

Just off to get changed and try and make myself presentable. I'm not sure how I'm going to stay awake tonight, but I'm sure the music and conversation will be good. I don't think I'll be dancing - my dodgy knee makes it a bit precarious!!

Hope you all have a good evening and I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow.

PS Thanks for all the good wishes for the chicken. She's come through the night and doesn't seem to be deteriorating, so fingers crossed.

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