a town called E.

By Eej


A few weeks ago we saw that the gate that in wintertime closes off Maple Isle, also known as Goose Poop Island, or simply 'the island', was open. "Hurray", we said, "now it's REALLY spring!" and proceeded to forget about it.
Until yesterday. "Let's walk there tomorrow", I said, and the Beloved didn't say: "Let's drive there", or "Just take yer bike", he said: "Okay!"
So we went.
Last year the road towards the island was under construction for quite some time and a bicycle/foot path has been added on either side. Now, it would have been really splendid if they had painted a bike icon on it, or something, because if you don't know, you could easily mistake it for parking space. Or just extra road, because the white lines are already fading. But we walked on it, brave souls that we are.
It was quite cold, and with rain waiting to happen we kept up a nice pace. A little out of shape after the long winter, we made it to the island in under 30 minutes. "YAY!" I said, hoping to score a nice spot on a bench with a view on a breeding goose.

The gate was locked.
Are you reading this Village of Paw Paw? Why would you open the blasted thing up and make us all happy only to lock it again? AND make us walk there for nothing?

And of course, on the way home, rain started to fall.

I took this photo of the bridge, through the boards of the gate, as a reminder of what we so desperately wanted and proved unattainable: to set foot on Maple Isle for the first time this year.

I guess this is the universe's way of balancing out all of yesterday's good fortune :)

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