Grey can be good!

This winter aconite was really keen on being blipped, so we surrendered to it. :-)

A cloudy but nice day at the allotment! Temperatures around +5-6°C and almost no wind.
We started the 'spring-cleaning' of the flower beds already last Saturday. Today new beds were free from snow and we cleared them from dead, soggy maple leaves, fallen twigs and other debris that had accumulated over the winter.

More than half of the allotment were free from snow cover. Cyclamen coum, snowdrops, winter aconites and croci were flowering and the buds of Hungarian Liverwort and Snowflake were ready to open very soon. Shoots of Sweet Trillium (Trillium albidum) and Giant Trillium (T. chloropetalum) had already appeared above ground.

Hope you had a great day, too!

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