The second half of life..

By twigs


Clocks went back last night so it felt like a nice lie in this morning. This was doubly good as last night was rather cold and whilst it seemed to have taken me forever to get warm once I got into bed, I woke this morning toasty warm and rather reluctant to exit the snuggliness of my bed!

The sun was out when I got up but within just a couple of hours things had started to cloud over. By the end of the day we had rain which is apparenlty supposed to be around for a couple of days. Good for the garden, not so good for work.

Did a quick hop into town to get a replacement for my external hard drive that had been playing up and taking forever to complete the simplest of tasks. I was going to format it but that option was removed from my range of choices after I dropped it and it bounced off a couple of hard edges on the way down :( Thankfully I'd learned my lesson last time when I lost several years of photos all stored on just one external drive - I now have 2, the second one backing up the first. So the crash simply meant that the drive couldn't be formatted to see if that solved its issues. The price they are now made the oopsie a bit more bearable.

On the way home I saw this wee chap racing round a schoolground BMX track - and being watched very closely by his dad! He was a picture of pure concentration, even after about a dozen or more laps of the track. I guess he must have been related to the Energizer bunny because he just never let up - just kept on going and going and going and ........ A BMX star in the making I think (check him out large - great expressions!)

Back to work tomorrow - 2 weeks to holidays and counting!!!!

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