Kirsty McGee Photojournal

By kirstymcgee

Morning, Bugewitz

Sunshine & quiet motorways led us onto endless, tree lined backroads & a charming rural venue tucked into a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. We arrived to loud, serious classical music flooding from the open doors. All the tables had bunches of peach & yellow roses in full bloom & a huge black butterfly caught in the barn circled against the curtains.
We had a really pleasant gig & in the morning were greeted with our first German breakfast tray, containing, as is common in these parts, a whole khol rabi...
We took a stroll this morning along a straight road bordered by rushes into a kind of primeval marshland where the liquid cries of lapwing mingled with sounds of waterbirds across the glimmering water. A single black crane circled slowly overhead, the air swept through its fingered wings. I've not felt this relaxed in ages.
It's incongruous now to be sitting in East Berlin outside in hot sunshine, drinking chai, far, far away from the circling birds and heron cries.

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