By monochrome

Big Boy Room

We had hoped to move Aidan into his room yesterday, however it was getting near to his bed-time, and we hadn't moved his cot through or put his curtains up, and we decided to leave it until today. Just as well we did too, as I had to basically dismantle his cot to get it out his room, which took a bit longer than expected.

Still, the wee man seemed to be excited about moving in to his new room - he was running around hyper whilst we were trying to get it tidied and cleaned. So, tonight is his first night in the new room and he's settled down fine - he was asleep by the same time as he has been in his old room, and hopefully that will be him right through until morning.

This photo doesn't really do the room justice - this isn't even half of it the room. It does seem a bit large for such a small person, however by the time he fills it with toys and stuff it should be about right. I'm sure we'll be able to get a pretty decent Scalextric in there, although I'm probably more exicted about that than the wee man is...

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