Boys toys 2

After yesterdays blip I thought I'd give a taster of my new toy. Well I say toy but it's an essential piece of kit really. My amplifier, which I have had for 15 years, started cutting out regularly about a month ago. As such it had to be replaced. I decided that when I did replace it I'd best get a new CD player too since we've been playing CDs through the DVD player. When I started looking into it I realised the price of getting, even entry level, good stuff was pretty high. Especially since I was getting informed by most of the people I talked to that most of the modern entry level amps would struggle to drive my good Bang & Olufsen speakers. They are cracking speakers and I was loathe to part with them let alone shell out for new ones which probably wouldn't be as good.

It was at that point I spotted the solution. Up until now I've always had stereo seperates rather than integrated systems (or lifestyle systems as they're called now). When I saw this one at half RRP though it was too tempting an offer. I did some research and every review I said claimed there was no compromise in sound quality and that while it was a fraction of the price of the top end Linn stuff you were still assured Linn standards in terms of sound reproduction.

I'mm off to dig out more CDs.

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